There a million things vying for my attention almost at the exact time, and I find myself making 10,000 decisions every minute, especially now that I have taken a new role as a mom. Often, even taking time for myself seems a waste, but its a sacrifice I need to make for myself. A sacrifice I need to convince myself, worth taking, if at all.

And this poem is a reflection of just that. I yearn for those quiet moments, but sometimes, life’s call is 10x stronger than of those flitting quiet longings.


the night grips

enticing i

to sit under the stars

and stare at the vast velvet expanse


to step out behind the dusty, flimsy door

just one more step

just lie across the grass

feel the wind upon your face

tuck your arms under you head

i, hesitated

and walked away




Has elections always been this stupefyingly crazy for both the Philippines and the US? or is it the added social media flair, magnifying even the microscopic crud of politics? When has political disagreements turned into death threats and a reason for broken relationships? When has civil conversations disintegrated?

Shire’s “Home” poem reached its social media popularity when the Syrian refugees reached the borders of Europe. The one I posted here is just a fraction of the entire poem, and what I feel is a reflection of many, many Filipino immigrants around the world. Though her circumstances in Africa differ from the Philippines, the anguish, sadness, and bitterness is hauntingly similar. I could only wish that the next Philippine president will yield its power for the betterment of the Filipino people, and those who have decided to leave “Home” will find it pleasing and safe to come back again, and again, and again, and again.


Our 2014 trip to El Nido, Palawan Philippines


by: Warsan Shire

i want to go home,
but home is the mouth of a shark
home is the barrel of the gun
and no one would leave home
unless home chased you to the shore
unless home told you
to quicken your legs
leave your clothes behind
crawl through the desert
wade through the oceans
be hunger
forget pride
your survival is more important

no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
run away from me now
i don’t know what i’ve become
but i know that anywhere
is safer than here

Emory Turns One!

Emory’s first birthday theme came before he was born. We were still deciding what to name him, when Ralph’s coworker jokingly suggested – Felix, so when put together it will be Wreck-It-Ralph and yup, you guessed it…Fix-It-Felix! Ralph and I fell in love with the idea and it just stuck with us, hence our Wreck-It-Ralph theme.

The ideas for a Wreck-It-Ralph party were scarce and few (fewer than most Disney movies), but we just found enough to fuel our vision. Some ideas we DIY-ed (Pinterest has been our saving grace), but some we decided to ask family, friends, and hired some amazing vendors to throw Emory’s first ever birthday bash.

We decided to have the party in Maui for two main reasons – most of Ralph’s side of the family has not met Emory in person yet, and my side of the family has not been to Maui yet. So win, win! We also picked the Binhi at Ani Filipino Community Center as our venue. It was comfortable enough to hold the amount of people we decided to invite!

FullSizeRender 3 (1)

The Binhi at Ani stage by Creative Events by Carnation.


Took this balloon idea from one of the first birthday Ralph & I attended. We had family build the stand where the balloons attaches to, and ta-da! Loved how it looked when you enter the building.


Putting the centerpieces and brick fillers together was no easy feat. The spinning pops company do not ship to Hawaii, so we needed to route it to San Francisco and have my family bring it all the way to Maui. The brick fillers was a different story. Ralph’s coworker painstakingly pre-made them, before we could assemble it! Whew!


Registration Table! The DIY arcade served as the party’s money box.



Around the Binhi, we set-up different stations. This one, dubbed the Time Capsule station, sat across the registration table. We invited family and friends to write a note to 18-year old Emory. We plan to keep the box, and have him read the notes when he turns 18!


Tapper Station = Rootbeer Floats!

We also had a Glitter Tattoo and Balloon Twisting station hosted by Purple Elephants. I could not say it enough, but Lisa and Mark made it so easy and so fun to have them! Will definitely hire them again.

A Coloring Station was also set-up. With some FREE downloadable Wreck-It-Ralph coloring pages from Disney and a box of crayons, it was the easiest station to set-up.


You’re My Hero cookie as party favor for our guests.


Our take on the traditional candy bar. The kids got to build their own candy race kart just like the movie.


We opted out of the traditional goody bags to give out to the kids. Wreck-It-Ralph Little Golden books for the younger kids, and the Bubbles to the older ones.


The Birthday Cake! Happy 1st Birthday Emory!


More party fun with a photobooth, and with our Emcees!

Have you ever had a Wreck-It-Ralph themed party? How did yours go?

Sunday Currently 2016.3

Time check 10:26PM.

READINGThe Daily Post to get that creative juices flowing. Such a good idea to do!

FEELING – elated! I did check-off a few things of my to-do list, PLUS Emory – my son’s first birthday is coming up.

LISTENING – to the whirring of the ceiling fan. Mommy time at its finest.

THINKING – of really challenging myself to blog at least once a week this year. What would that look like? How will I sustain it?

WANTING – a mani pedi, an eyebrow wax, a haircut, and a spa massage…I deserve it. I deserve it. I deserve it. <<< Bad financial mindset, btw.

WEARING – a good old tank top, and shorts.

NEEDING -some sleep. some seriously, deep, pre-baby, sleep.

Where in the World…? Part 2


This week’s highlight was none other than our completed map! We added trees, the compass rose, map key, and street names. I also had these $1 wooden cars I got from Target intended as a prize, but has been put to better use! We used them to practice our map skills! If so, and so went to someone’s house…which way should they go? Yes, you may touch the car! Yes, you can play with it!


We also read two stories about our neighborhood. I created a Read and Response worksheet – an idea I got from this awesome first grade teacher blog, and targeted making inferences, and fluency for reading skills. The kids soaked it up, and loved reading their names on our worksheets. I wish I could do more of these!



Where in the World…? Part 1

Nothing excites me more when I find new ways to present previous material with my class. When I first taught our Maps Social Studies lesson the past years, I did a few kinesthetic motions, and went around the school locating places using a school map. This time though, I wanted to try making a 3D map I saw on Pinterest, and integrate it with our Artist of the Quarter: Henri Matisse.

Starting the lesson, I told my kids that we will be creating Matisse-inspired houses and  building a map with them. We started off reading Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, and completing this awesome Where in the World are We? Freebie! I picked and chose what pages we were going to use, and changed one of it to say “This is My Island” since we’re from the island of Oahu!

In creating the houses, the contingents were to have windows, a roof, and of course, cutouts to decorate their hearts out. Some of the kids thought of decorating their windows, too!

Here’s what we have so far:

IMG_2654 (1).jpg

The plan is to add more to the map as we continue to learn about the basic parts of a map – map title, map key, and the compass rose! Next time, I will share the final look of our map, and the reading integration with our Maps unit!

Sunday Currently 2016.2

It might have been the iced latte and a sip of the espresso soda we had this morning,  but my brain is working nonstop since our meeting at the church. My think box is bursting at the seams, seriously!

READING – a 100-page report for our school’s accreditation this week. Whew!

WRITING – drafts, blogs posts, drafts, drafts, lesson plans, ideas, drafts, drafts, drafts…

LISTENING – to Ocean’s by: Hillsong United and Closer by: Bethel Music for some needed calm.

THINKING – of a multitude of things. Shall I name them all? Emory’s upcoming party, school accreditation, lesson ideas, writing ideas, ministry, art projects, etc. etc. etc.

WANTING – to finish my students’ report cards.

WEARING – my jammies I got from Ross 10 years ago. No kidding!

NEEDING – a break from these random sickness plaguing our household! First, the stomach flu, then my laryngitis, and now, Emory’s sty!!! Oi!