Sunday Currently 2016.3

Time check 10:26PM.

READINGThe Daily Post to get that creative juices flowing. Such a good idea to do!

FEELING – elated! I did check-off a few things of my to-do list, PLUS Emory – my son’s first birthday is coming up.

LISTENING – to the whirring of the ceiling fan. Mommy time at its finest.

THINKING – of really challenging myself to blog at least once a week this year. What would that look like? How will I sustain it?

WANTING – a mani pedi, an eyebrow wax, a haircut, and a spa massage…I deserve it. I deserve it. I deserve it. <<< Bad financial mindset, btw.

WEARING – a good old tank top, and shorts.

NEEDING -some sleep. some seriously, deep, pre-baby, sleep.


Where in the World…? Part 2


This week’s highlight was none other than our completed map! We added trees, the compass rose, map key, and street names. I also had these $1 wooden cars I got from Target intended as a prize, but has been put to better use! We used them to practice our map skills! If so, and so went to someone’s house…which way should they go? Yes, you may touch the car! Yes, you can play with it!


We also read two stories about our neighborhood. I created a Read and Response worksheet – an idea I got from this awesome first grade teacher blog, and targeted making inferences, and fluency for reading skills. The kids soaked it up, and loved reading their names on our worksheets. I wish I could do more of these!



Where in the World…? Part 1

Nothing excites me more when I find new ways to present previous material with my class. When I first taught our Maps Social Studies lesson the past years, I did a few kinesthetic motions, and went around the school locating places using a school map. This time though, I wanted to try making a 3D map I saw on Pinterest, and integrate it with our Artist of the Quarter: Henri Matisse.

Starting the lesson, I told my kids that we will be creating Matisse-inspired houses and  building a map with them. We started off reading Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, and completing this awesome Where in the World are We? Freebie! I picked and chose what pages we were going to use, and changed one of it to say “This is My Island” since we’re from the island of Oahu!

In creating the houses, the contingents were to have windows, a roof, and of course, cutouts to decorate their hearts out. Some of the kids thought of decorating their windows, too!

Here’s what we have so far:

IMG_2654 (1).jpg

The plan is to add more to the map as we continue to learn about the basic parts of a map – map title, map key, and the compass rose! Next time, I will share the final look of our map, and the reading integration with our Maps unit!

Sunday Currently 2016.2

It might have been the iced latte and a sip of the espresso soda we had this morning,  but my brain is working nonstop since our meeting at the church. My think box is bursting at the seams, seriously!

READING – a 100-page report for our school’s accreditation this week. Whew!

WRITING – drafts, blogs posts, drafts, drafts, lesson plans, ideas, drafts, drafts, drafts…

LISTENING – to Ocean’s by: Hillsong United and Closer by: Bethel Music for some needed calm.

THINKING – of a multitude of things. Shall I name them all? Emory’s upcoming party, school accreditation, lesson ideas, writing ideas, ministry, art projects, etc. etc. etc.

WANTING – to finish my students’ report cards.

WEARING – my jammies I got from Ross 10 years ago. No kidding!

NEEDING – a break from these random sickness plaguing our household! First, the stomach flu, then my laryngitis, and now, Emory’s sty!!! Oi!