Sunday Currently 2016.2

It might have been the iced latte and a sip of the espresso soda we had this morning,  but my brain is working nonstop since our meeting at the church. My think box is bursting at the seams, seriously!

READING – a 100-page report for our school’s accreditation this week. Whew!

WRITING – drafts, blogs posts, drafts, drafts, lesson plans, ideas, drafts, drafts, drafts…

LISTENING – to Ocean’s by: Hillsong United and Closer by: Bethel Music for some needed calm.

THINKING – of a multitude of things. Shall I name them all? Emory’s upcoming party, school accreditation, lesson ideas, writing ideas, ministry, art projects, etc. etc. etc.

WANTING – to finish my students’ report cards.

WEARING – my jammies I got from Ross 10 years ago. No kidding!

NEEDING – a break from these random sickness plaguing our household! First, the stomach flu, then my laryngitis, and now, Emory’s sty!!! Oi!


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