Where in the World…? Part 1

Nothing excites me more when I find new ways to present previous material with my class. When I first taught our Maps Social Studies lesson the past years, I did a few kinesthetic motions, and went around the school locating places using a school map. This time though, I wanted to try making a 3D map I saw on Pinterest, and integrate it with our Artist of the Quarter: Henri Matisse.

Starting the lesson, I told my kids that we will be creating Matisse-inspired houses and  building a map with them. We started off reading Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, and completing this awesome Where in the World are We? Freebie! I picked and chose what pages we were going to use, and changed one of it to say “This is My Island” since we’re from the island of Oahu!

In creating the houses, the contingents were to have windows, a roof, and of course, cutouts to decorate their hearts out. Some of the kids thought of decorating their windows, too!

Here’s what we have so far:

IMG_2654 (1).jpg

The plan is to add more to the map as we continue to learn about the basic parts of a map – map title, map key, and the compass rose! Next time, I will share the final look of our map, and the reading integration with our Maps unit!


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